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Why is workfore development important?

Workforce development works by preparing workers with the skills necessary for a specific type of job. It prioritizes the value of ongoing workplace education and skills development, as well as addresses the hiring demands of employers. Because the goal of workplace development is to place workers in jobs where there are career development opportunities — and to nurture that development — a company can ensure they have an adequate supply of qualified individuals for their needs.

It used to be thought of that by training an employee with better skills, they would be more likely to leave and take that investment with them, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Research shows that skills development and opportunity for professional and personal growth are important aspects of employee retention, especially among millennial workers. When an employee feels like their leadership skills are being valued and nurtured, they are less likely to leave a company.

Benefits of Workforce Development

There are two main benefits of workforce development. The first is that it provides individuals with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes that result in improved work performance or gainful employment. The second benefit of workforce development is that it provides employers with an effective method to communicate, share, and meet their demand for skills.

Other pros of workplace development include challenging and engaging employees in the workplace, often resulting in increased engagement and retention; reduction in rates of staff turnover; happier, more fulfilled employees; and a feeling of empowerment among staff, which allows them to develop the confidence required to meet challenges in a less anxious and more resilient manner. All of this ultimately creates a more agile workforce.

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Workforce development is a win-win: Organizations are able to leverage their employees’ newly acquired skills and expertise, while employees get to take advantage of learning opportunities that enhance their value in the workforce.

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